Introduction to the role of logistics electronic lock

As absolutely everyone is mindful of of goods in the logistics and transportation method administration and cargo protection issues are the most focus, Hisamichi truck digital lock is produced to fix the trucking things in accordance to get ready in accordance to journey security to location, and complete control of products simple protection.

  Application scope of digital lock for extended truck: 
Proper for transporting goods to the spot adhering to shipment. Lengthy truck electronic lock with current day info technologies for the proprietor to give a total assortment of be concerned cost-totally free cargo risk-free transportation experience.
  Long truck digital lock two main functions 1 the proprietor can prior to the arrival of the merchandise at the spot, the freight car administration method or Software at any time truck trail, checking the transportation of items, to maintain abreast of the freight vehicle and the cargo in the logistics and transportation technique of merchandise in transit and stability connected info.
  2 non regular delivers about any delay, alter route of non all-all-natural leads to, there are unauthorized tends to make an attempt to steal products such as truck digital lock by way of truck steward platform or App can be instantly identified to contemplate corresponding Fuel consumption monitoring managemen protecting measures. In acquire to enhance the precision and timeliness of delivery of things and make certain the simple security of things.
  3 real time alarm objective when the truck digital lock is not approved to pry the lock digital lock will be true-time by way of the created-in GSM module alarm to the background, to cease the loss of products.
  Hisamichi Wulian (Jointech) and belongs to the cold chain transportation container checking, distant checking, employing concrete car scheduling administration, gas use checking and administration, examining and management of mobile house is the industry’s foremost resolution companies and operators.

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